DTGen (previously Dieselec Thistle Generators) specialises in the sale and service of diesel generators and has grown to be one of the largest generator suppliers in the UK. It specialises in the installation of standby power systems to protect the likes of banks, hospitals and data centres from the risk of power outage.

Business development during Nevis ownership

  • In 2010, DTGen was owned equally by Jim Arthur and Paul Moore. As their plans and objectives for the business diverged, they approached Nevis to acquire Jim’s shares. This allowed Jim to exit the business and gave Paul the support he needed to manage the company’s growth.
  • Quickly after our investment, we contacted the owners of local competitor Thistle Generators and were able to agree a deal to acquire its business and assets at the end of 2010. This brought significant scale to the business and the combination brought together first class sales skills and relationships at Dieselec with a well-established operational expertise from Thistle.
  • This facilitated a market leading level of customer service which helped drive sales into new sectors and geographies.
  • To assist with the integration of the two businesses, Nevis supplied full-time executive support for an extended period until full-time additional management could be recruited.
  • The combined business was moved from two separate sites to a single 54,000 sq ft site. Subsequent investment in the site has created a state-of-the-art generator test facility (the only one of its kind in the UK).
  • The business has grown across all three of its business streams – generator sales & installation, generator service and parts sales.
  • During our ownership, turnover has doubled and profits have increased fivefold.
  • In 2019, Dieselec Thistle Generators rebranded to DTGen. The new brand and logo reflect a reliable, robust and forward-thinking business offering tailored generators of any size and configuration.

The business is well positioned for further growth with an established second tier of management.

Paul Moore, Managing Director of DTGen, commented:
“I can 100% count on the team at Nevis. They are partners and friends rather than investors. For them, it’s not all about the bottom line; it’s about building, maintaining and growing a strong and sustainable business. Over the last seven years working closely with the Nevis team, I’ve learnt a lot from them and they’ve helped me build the management team so that I can comfortably manage the business.”

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