Our Principles

  1. We will do the “right thing” – making the choices we believe to be in the long term interests of the businesses we own a share in, even if this results in lower profits in the short term.
  2. We believe in treating people fairly – suppliers, customers, employees and all other stakeholders to create long term relationships. This means that we will say what we will do and do what we say.
  3. We will take the time to establish facts upon which to make decisions rather than relying upon opinion. To do this we will ensure timely, relevant and reliable commercial management information is collated.
  4. We will seek to work with people who want to develop themselves and others and who are passionate about their work. We believe in the power of teamwork and that appropriate delegation spreads responsibility and accountability.  We will provide the training and support needed and will empower people to fulfil their potential.
  5. We will recognise the limitations of our own expertise and will actively seek views from those within or outwith an organisation who have more relevant knowledge and experience.
  6. We believe in open and honest communication. We welcome debate and challenge as a means to reaching a decision.
  7. We take collective responsibility for our decisions and where our decisions have not been right we will look forward to see how we can improve rather than looking backwards to apportion blame.