Our team has decades of experience at the heart of successful businesses. We each bring different skills and experience to the businesses we work with and are great believers that the key to success lies in teams, not individuals.

We launched Nevis in 2007 to bring something different to business owners looking to sell their business or seeking the support required to grow.

We’re different to financial investors having owned and operated businesses ourselves. We know that your people, systems and processes are just as important as your monthly accounts pack.

Most business owners care about protecting their legacy. This is why we believe our alternative to trade sale or private equity can be attractive. Trade buyers and competitors can destroy a brand or not need your people. Private equity buyers can be more focused on short term profits and who they can sell the business on to.

We’re different. We buy entire businesses, majority stakes or minority stakes and can tailor our approach to your individual situation. We’re business owners not private equity investors, so we will protect and support the business and its people over the long term.

If our approach sounds attractive and your business fits our criteria, we’d be delighted to meet. We’re straight-forward to deal with and will quickly let you know whether or not we think Nevis would be a good fit for your business.

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